We’re all connected…

I have been fooling around with facebook. I feel I am a little behind in the times…there are others that have been on these social networks much longer than me. I felt perplexed at first as to why would I be doing this but my friend Cindie repeatedly encouraged and even goaded me into sticking with it by giving me gifts for my farm in Farmville. Now I have two chickens, a bull, a horse, a calf, pigeons and a cherry tree. Oh and a goat…which my husband thinks is useless if you can’t get virtual milk…:)

Anyone here may want to visit me at http://www.snappytatter.etsy.com which was my original adventure. I am also in the resident artist section of http://www.theblueherongallery.com where I am…a resident artist. I will keep publishing my one of a kind fiber art and tatted jewelry here…so stay posted (RSS at the left) and let me know what you think. I hate to think I am alone in this huge virtual world…..

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