Talent Market is coming

Well…I have decided to participate in the Volant Community Talent Market on Saturday. For those of you who are not aware…The Blue Heron Art Gallery to which I belong is part of a small and extremely interesting destination spot in northwestern Pennsylvania. We have over 20 shops and restaurants all lined up main street, most of which reside in very old houses, my gallery included. Volant is in the heart of Amish PA and has the feel of an old town. Laid back attitude, happy people, small business with lots of unique items and lots of handmade work. My Gallery sits in the middle and this year the historic Mill next door that houses a community museum, Amish furniture and baked and canned goods and a variety of homestyle items has decided to have a Talent Market. Artists and Artisans are coming to share their techniques and trades and I will be in the midst tatting away.

No one ever seems to really know what I do to create the things that I do. So I am going to sit and tat and talk about my process. It is a chance for people to see what tying tiny knots over and over looks like and I can dispell the myth that I am secretly 90 years old. :o)

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