Round and Round She Goes!

I know I should be better at this by now. But, in my defense, I only get a chance to play with this blog every couple of days and by then…all my knowledge has gone out the window. So I create categories and menus and pages and then I edit edit edit. I delete things but they are still there and I try to post new things and they are nowhere to be found. Ugh! I should have organized a cheat sheet by now, but my compulsiveness to organize and list things has not kicked in yet. Maybe because of lack of time. Maybe because I always think…”oh, I got it now”. Now I have decided to organize the menus at the left differently. hopefully it will stick. It’s hard to determine the best way to display my ideas. And it is part of the fun. I do think this is fun and now I am set up to start posting my work by genre of the design. So you can click on the design names and see what pops up. I want everyone to know what lead me to each design and what I have been doing with the idea.

Tomorrow is the Talent Market in Volant at the Blue Heron Art Gallery and I am packed and ready. I have about 11 new pieces to take with me as well as my hand drawn pattern books and photo albums of my work. The weather is supposed to be wonderful and I am looking forward to chatting about what I do.

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