Soaking up the sun…thinking about snowflakes

I spent a lovely day at the Blue Heron Art Gallery in Volant on Saturday soaking up beautiful weather chatting and tatting. We had a nice flow of traffic. The Amish were there selling their baked goods (forgot to get the hubby a pie) and their knitted goods. I had a chance to show how tatting is done and explain what is involved in designing and creating my work.

Ironically, in this beautiful weather we are having here in western PA I am beginning to think about snowflakes. Tatted flakes. I love them and I can never seem to have enough to list in Snappy Tatter on Etsy. This year I have vowed that I will get a head start on flakes before the Christmas mania. Here is a newly listed Flake from my Etsy shop…an Ice Crystal. A new line I am very excited about. They will all be beaded with glass and embellished with crystals. I would like them to be the couture style line of tatted Flakes. Something sparkly and perfect. All original designs…and very flaky.


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