Alpaca Love

I drive some 30+ miles to my Art gallery, The Blue Heron, in Volant PA about twice a month. One of the novelties is the animals along the way. The countryside is beautiful and mostly small towns and farms. I take note each trip of where the animals are and what they are up to. You just don’t mind a long scenic trip when you work at home and rarely go anywhere.

Last winter I saw the dearest thing. On a very small farm in the middle of nowhere someone has a small pasture with two chocolate brown Alpacas. They laze around in the snow along with several dark faced sheep and lately a half a dozen black and white calves. This particular day I saw something peculiar…a duck. Specifically, a male Mallard toddling along behind one of the Alpaca’s. I didn’t quite believe what I saw since I was traveling at 60 mph but on the way home…there they were. The Alpaca resting in the snow with his long neck like a periscope and this little duck squished up right beside him. I loved it. I just thought it was adorable. Did the duck think he was an Alpaca? Or was he just visiting a friend from way back?

Every couple of weeks during the very long winter we had this year I found the duck trailing along behind his large fuzzy buddy. Then he was gone. I wondered what possessed him to leave. Did he figure out he was not an Alpaca?

So through the summer I have watched for the new calves on another farm, the ground hogs on the golf course, the stately horses that gallop with glee around their immense rolling pasture. But no duck.

Finally, in my most recent trip, I passed the Alpaca farm and there was the little duck standing beside his quietly grazing friend. Alpaca love. I couldn’t be happier to see that they are reunited. Something about them feels so warm. That they look past such immense differences in outward appearance, mannerisms and genetic history and find comfort in the company of one another. Alpaca Love. 🙂

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  1. Nicely written! Okay, maybe “Alpaca Love.” But, the Duck actually went to Florida for a few months (like many Senior Citizens) and then to returned to the love nest. -Big Dad K

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