Custom Flourish Choker

One of my favorite things about my Etsy business is communicating with customers that are looking for something handmade and unique. I made this custom choker for a very nice repeat customer. She had bought the Sweetheart Choker for her sister and decided she would like something for herself as well. She wanted the Flourish bracelet design made larger and wider and with Hematite beads.
I used a heavier weight thread and the result is a very substantial feeling 1″ wide choker with 5mm Hematite beads sewn into the centers of the flowers. Tatting is a technique of tying knots to form rings and chains. There are hundreds of knots in this piece and it took several hours to complete. The lace is finished into jewelry by adding Sterling Silver 19mm ribbon ends, a lobster clasp and 2 1/2″ extender chain. I strive to design and finish my work as professionally as possible and add little details like the 4mm Hematite bead at the end of the chain. The Flourish design is an original Snappy Tatter design. The bracelet can be viewed at my Etsy Shop-just click the link to the left.

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