Summer Bloom

Finally a name….I made this several days ago but have been struggling with a name. The colors are so saturated and the garden is “popped up”. Usually, while I work a name comes to me that feels befitting of that piece. So now I introduce “Summer Bloom”. Because this garden feels like it is in full force, radiant with fresh full blossoms full of color and life. The colors are deeply saturated and the garden is delightfully “popped up”. Glass pearls shine in the centers of the multi-chain rich purple blossoms. All the tiny frilly flowers that surround them have coordinating glass beads in the centers as well. Everything has been hand-sewn to a deep green background that has small leaf impressions on it. The golden PIXIE butterfly has brilliant gold beads tatted into the wings and center. Purple, lilac, lemon yellow, gold, cherry red and berry are the colors of this garden. It is surrounded by a handmade cable of purple and magenta and fully lined with purple felt. All flowers and the little PIXIE butterfly are 3-D on this 3″ x 3″ metal box that is 2″ deep. This fresh keepsake will be going to the Keystone Summit in December for display and sale.

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