The end of the World…

Just what happens when you are no longer connected? We have gotten so used to Ipods, notebooks, PC’s, Blackberry’s, and Droids that we forget we used to pick up a phone that was connected by a spiral wire…to the wall of all things. There were no instant messages, no emails, certainly no U-tube, Facebook or MySpace. We connected by actually seeing other people. By opening our mouths and speaking…with no need for spell check.

That said…I have lost use of my beloved Netbook. I love the thing. It sits by my giant chair where I spend most of my time making tiny little knots otherwise known as tatting. For some reason it is on the snafu. No ability to connect wirelessly to the internet means I cannot check my email every 20 minutes, I cannot play Farmville, and I cannot add things to my Blog. Ugh! How did we ever survive before this? How did we communicate that we were laughing before “LOL”?

It is a quandary I will ponder as I drive to Best Buy tomorrow to find an adequate Geek in the Geek Squad to repair my baby.


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