I wish I could wear this…

Rosette Barrette

Rosette Barrette. I have been making them for quite some time. I make 3″ barrettes with 2 leaves and a large rosette in the center or a smaller one that measures 2″ and has different combinations of leaves and flowers. The design is original. The barrette made completely by me. The rosette is usually beaded in its outer rounds as well as the inner row of rings with a nice large bead for its center. The leaves are beaded down the vein as well. This particular one is in ecru cordonnet with cream colored seed beads and bronze pearls with an ivory center. The leaves are an understated olive beaded with very shiny deep olive seed beads. I wish I had hair to wear one of these but after today at the salon…it’s short again. So no large barrettes for me. My barrettes have not been listed online yet but are sold at the Blue Heron Art Gallery in Volant PA. Check left for a listing of other barrettes. Each that I have made have been different.

2 thoughts on “I wish I could wear this…

  1. My hair is too fine and too thin to hold any kind of hair ornament; even the velcro ones slide right on out! Hair decorations like this will be nice for winter high school dances and more elaborate ones for Spring proms. I have a favorite rosette I make for things like this too. In fact, I have one in the works (not for hair) that I’ll probably teach next year. I haven’t specifically stopped in PA in any of my travels but I’ll keep it in mind next time I head south.

    • Hi Gina! My hair is thick but fine and now it is chin length. I like to wear barrettes when I am camping to keep the hair out of my face but other than that…I look like I am twelve. I have made these for fellow Blue Heron Artists that have long thick hair. Let me know if ever you are in the neighborhood. I would love for you to stop by the Blue Heron!

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