Dear Netbook…I miss you…

My Netbook…my lifeline to my online world…is finally on its way home from its trip to Texas. Hopefully in a much more congenial state. I work at home. I spend all day here and am quite happy with that. My studio is a large room upstairs where my husband and I have outfitted it with all the amenities to keep me comfy… and sane… during my work day. TV, comfy rocker, drafting, cutting and sewing tables, my desk and computer and filing cabinets and storage closet are all here. And everything is bright and kitschy. The walls are a dark sage but my valances are a brilliant fuchsia silk from the orient with a large red hand painted floral design. Matching fabric on my tables tie the colors in. I have stuffed “forever” flowers with smiling faces in a cobalt vase on the radiator where my cats roast and a lovely Goldfish plant which could not be happier in the all day sun. The art on the walls is floral or sentimental sayings including a hand stitched portrait of a cartoon old lady that says “Listen honey…Life’s a stitch!” I made years ago. I bought a plaque that says “Dream…Believe…Achieve” on my first anniversary of my Etsy business.

But back to where I was coming from. I found in the evenings and on weekends when I would want to spend time downstairs with my husband I had no connection to my online business without running up and down the stairs. I really like to be on top of things and when a sale comes in I want to respond immediately. People send me conversations and then…blip…they are gone. This really could be a bit of an anxiety issue although I am a lot more relaxed now about it. So for Christmas I got a Netbook from my family. It sits by my chair downstairs so I can tat the evening away and not be running around like a nut.

Now, I have the Blog. My time is stretched but I like to take the time to list new work or one-of-a-kind pieces or add little thoughts so that people can see what I enjoy doing and get to know me a little bit more than just in my Etsy Shop or the art gallery I belong to. The Netbook has been incredibly convenient for this process…especially late at night.

Now that I have bored everyone to death…I just wanted to say that I should be more connected very soon and will have new listings on Etsy and time to show new work here as well. Thanks for indulging me this Snappy Tatter banter…JK

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