Road Trip! Fundraiser at the Blue Heron

I have been working hard all week to prepare for a huge fundraiser at the Blue Heron Art Gallery in Volant, Pennsylvania where I am Assistant Operations Manager as well as a Resident Artist. My job, which is completely volunteer, is to take care of the behind the scenes paperwork, policies and procedures, scheduling, and general clerical work. There are some fantastic aspects to our gallery that you will not find anywhere else.

We are a gallery of over 50 artists in an old turn of the century house at Volant Mills, a small, homespun Amish country town. We offer a consignment shop for our artists on the first floor, as well as galleries on our top floor where we feature local and regional artists monthly. We also offer a really intense collection of Vintage clothing and items provided by our steadfast Shop Manager, Betty Steve. The supply with her is endless since she has collected all of her life and is in her later years now. Between Don Gold, our director, myself, Betty and Eric Mastrangelo, our Assistant Shop Manager the Blue Heron seems to be able to pull together just about anything. This is not because of our management…it is because of our artists. Everything done at the Blue Heron is on a volunteer basis. I coordinate a staff of about 15 artists who run the shop 7 days a week. All volunteer…it amazes me. I really did not know how amazing this gallery was when I was accepted as an artist until I found out about the inner operations and the attitude of the artists. We all work for the benefit of each other.

We have gotten bigger and bigger which is wonderful! More artists, more shows, and more volunteering. This past month one of the biggest tasks we have taken on has been steadily unfolding with the help of our huge family. We are moving to the next house over, a much larger home about the same age that is going to allow us to grow even more. This house has been a residence till now and has needed serious work to turn it into the stylish gallery we would like. After removing layers of wallpaper, patching walls, removing stains, painting walls, pulling carpets up and cleaning like nobody’s business…we have done as much as we can…now we need help.

So-road trip for everyone in the surrounding area tomorrow! We are having a soup fundraiser to raise money to help finish our new home. Over a dozen artists and associates-my husband included-have made homemade soups, chilies and stews for sale during the day tomorrow, Saturday, November 13th. We have planned this from the ground up in two weeks. There will be tables and chairs to sit at, bread and beverages, music, tours of our new home-to-be and delicious soups for a donation of $5. The weather is to be spectacular. It is also Volant’s Holiday Celebration complete with Santa and extended hours. And there are over 20 other shops to peruse while you are there. Some amazing finds you will not see anywhere else.

The money we generate will allow us to refinish our floors, take care of the exterior of our house and pay for lighting and fixtures that we need.

If anyone would like information on how to get to the Blue Heron Art Gallery in Volant which is located in Lawrence county and is about an hour from Pittsburgh, please drop me a line at my email.

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