With my style of art being a time-consuming process no matter how you approach it…I am scrambling to work on Christmas/winter/holiday work. I enjoy this time of year. I like to see the leaves fall. I like to clean up the gardens and yard and put everything away for the cold to come. I am reclusive by nature so my favorite days are those with the brightest sun and coolest air. My turn of the century home has long covered radiators “kitty warmers” in every room ensuring a toasty and draft free warmth. My studio has two large windows that get the sun through my entire work day. It is refreshing to be here.

I took a few things to the gallery I belong to on Friday before our weekend Holiday Celebration and Fundraiser. Here is what I have been up to.

I rarely use any type of stiffener in my tatting because the cordonnet I use is very uniform and stiff. I did touch a little to the points of these Dainty Flakes to pull them tight and pointed.

The Christmas Wreath was just plain fun! I am already making more of these.

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