Recipe for success…Soup Fundraiser

Our Blue Heron Art Gallery Soup Fundraiser was a HUGE success. The weather was fantastic in Volant, PA where our gallery resides with over 20 other unique shops. The turnout was more than we could have hoped for and not one issue slowed us down.

Our Blue Heron artists are the best of the best. We all work on a volunteer basis. And when it was decided that we needed money to help finish our renovations to our new gallery next door two weeks ago…everyone came out to help, donating their time, money, soup and supplies. I am overwhelmed with pride in how much we all work for the benefit of the gallery and its artists. A huge shout out to everyone who made this Fundraiser successful!

We served hundreds of people homemade varieties of over a dozen soups including my husband’s fantastic beef stew. We provided bread, beverages, cocoa and many other homemade goods. There we tables and chairs in our future gallery so everyone could tour our new space and enjoy their soup. Everything was decorated for Christmas, including a tree and hand painted windows by the children that are our art students. Festive music, servers in Santa hats and Ole’ Chris Kringle himself for photos.

We did it!!! This wonderful feeling of success and fellowship is something we will all float on for a very long time!

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