Bubbly Effervescence…

This original Snappy Tatter shuttle-tatted design originated a couple of years ago while I was camping with my husband in the beautiful national forests of Pennsylvania. I don’t stop tatting for anything. However, when you have hiked most of the day, sweat most of the day, sat in front of a fire for hours and had no access to running water…you get a little dirty. My fastidious and beautiful husband turns into a total dirtball in about 24 hours. It is truly love to sleep next to that man in a 2 person tent for 3 nights.

Anyhoo-when we camp, which is frequently from April till October, I get inspired and I have time on my hands. So out comes the ratty substandard thread ball that is probably 30 years old. The knots are terrible. I don’t even try to make them uniform. The lace ends up with fuzzies because it is not tatting cordonnet and the thread breaks easily if I try to back out of a mistake. But I am only concentrating on the number of stitches, twists and turns I need to achieve the effect that is on my mind. I start with a sketch and an estimate of the number of stitches and will tat the afternoon away while the hubbs cooks primitive recipes on rocks, plays with knives, burns things and generally chats along in his sweet and endearing way.

This design, Effervescence, came from a desire to create a series of small and large bubbles in succession. It is a substantial bracelet. Very solid in feel and about 1″ wide. I have beaded it through the center as pictured here. I have also fully beaded it adding seeds as I tat and then threading larger beads through the rings. And I recently made a larger one with longer chains in a heavier weight navy thread that will go to the Keystone Summit in December for display and sale. The black bracelet shown here is for sale in my ETSY shop. (click the ETSY link to the left). Other variations are shown under Bracelets to the left.

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