It’s been something else around here…

I finally got my house decorated and I LOVE it! I am very happy to have all the winter and holiday decor out especially with the fresh snow and frigid temps outside.

I have been lax with my blog…primarily because I have been working day in and day out to fill custom orders from the Summit last week and Etsy orders that are presents for Christmas. Maybe it’s a sign from above but I have had no choice but to slow down in my techno-communication because of the crash of my PC.

After purchasing a newer, faster, shinier computer and spending a day setting it up to my preferences I discovered something very depressing. I keep all of my photos of my work on a flash drive which became damaged when my PC crashed. I no longer have access to close to a thousand photos of my work over the years. All gone. I have printed at least one photo of most of my designs and put them in albums so I have that. And my OOAK’s (one-of-a-kind) have been stored elsewhere but for now I will not have the ability to chat about my work until I take more photos. I am posting more work on Etsy as I make it.

It is getting close to Christmas and holiday stress is here. I still have most of my shopping to do…I am a procrastiSanta as the commercial goes. As things calm down and I produce and photo more work AND find some time I will be back to chatting here soon.

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