End of the year…Fresh Start

Well, there has been no way to retrieve the 1000 or so photos that I lost when my computer fried up. The flash drive I store them on fried up as well. So this is just a note to everyone out there storing valuable info on flash drives…back up your backup.

So time to start over. Fresh computer. Fresh flash drive and fancy new camera for Christmas. Little by little my photos will be posted as I catch up on work with my Etsy site and my Operations duties with the art gallery I belong to, the Blue Heron.

The Blue Heron is in the process of renovating a new building to move into and I am designing the floor plan. As for Etsy, I plan to launch a chic, sophisticated line of jewelry in 2011 and continue designing one-of-a-kind Ice Crystals as well. I have several new Butterfly Garden Boxes to photo and list. Busy Busy.

It is hard to get focused after the family get-togethers, all the shopping, the weather….

These photos came from a second flash drive…some were saved (yay). 3 snowballs from my Etsy site. Click on the link at the lower left to visit.

All satin snowballs are 2.5″ to 3″ in size with an original tatted design pinned to the surface with wee sequin pins. There are glass beads, crystals, and glass pearls either tatted into the lace, added with pins, or hand sewn into the flake. Very labor intensive, unique, crispy and beautiful.

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