Birth of a new butterfly…


Meet Diana. A fresh baby blue shuttle tatted butterfly designed by me for the Blue Heron Art Gallery. Double wings and a pearl body, she is perched whimsically on the end of a Sterling Silver stick pin.  She has long, perfectly curved antenna and large picots to accentuate the points of her wings.  I am in love with little Diana. Delicate and fresh, she is the first new design of the new year. This particular stick pin can be found at the Blue Heron in Volant PA. There will be more Diana’s flitting around very soon.

2 thoughts on “Birth of a new butterfly…

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Do you sell the pattern anywhere? I’m currently hunting up butterfly patterns to decorate a baby nursery with (assuming its a girl).

    This would be so perfect on a sheer panel canopy!

  2. Hello Christina. Thank you for the compliment for Diana. She is one of my favorites. I’m sorry that I do not sell any of my patterns right now. You can find all of my work at
    All butterflies there (4) are clearanced and free shipping. Type “clearance” in the shop search bar to find them.

    And additional tatted butterflies are now at They are all original designs in that shop.

    Your idea sounds beautiful!

    Some day I will sell my patterns so tatter’s can replicate them. I get that question all the time. For now I am happy designing and creating!

    Take care!

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