Introducing Snappy Couture

I am so happy to introduce a new line of Snappy Tatter Fiber Art for my Etsy shop. Snappy Couture.

Heart's Desire

Ornately and elegantly embellished one-of-a-kind formal jewelry fit for the most special occasions of your life. Fresh and luxurious Fiber Art that has the utmost attention to detail.


These statement pieces are original tatted lace designs created decadently with glass beading, crystals, CZ’s, wood, stone, shell and Sterling Silver. Each piece is unique and takes several days to complete.


When I work, I sketch what I am thinking of and then interpret that design into a workable tatting pattern. The majority of my patterns are diagrammed. Then I usually work a portion of the pattern several times to work out the “kinks” so that it lays right and looks the way I am envisioning.

Summer Gala

With the exception of the Gala necklaces which are a combination of flowers, flakes and leaves, I record my patterns for future reference. I like to design my work differently each time I make a new piece. I guess it is the part of me that enjoys fresh and new work with a different effect. I like the challenge and the artistic process. Sometimes when I am working I realize that by adding or removing a stitch or ring or changing the size of picots I can transform the pattern into a different design.


Only the most sophisticated and ornate designs will have my Snappy Couture label. I want women to feel glamorous and stand out in a crowded room. I want my work to make a statement of unique feminine beauty and individuality.

Autumn Gala

I am frequently inspired by the simple idea that it is a style I have never worked before or by shapes I see in nature.

The Duchess

I feel so refreshed and proud when I have completed my work. I love the design process and will work on a piece until I get to that point where I just feel it is complete.

This unique work will only be offered in my Etsy store for now. All of the pieces shown in this post are for sale in my store. See the links at the bottom of the left column to visit my Etsy store and the Blue Heron Art Gallery website where I am a Resident Artist.

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