My personal Butterfly Garden

This work of Fiber Art is simply named “Butterfly Garden”. It is an indulgence I created for myself a couple of years ago. I decided to do a study in shades of white and neutrals.  Very difficult to photograph, I finally produced photos that are true to color.

The result is butterflies and flowers on a modern background of finely embroidered visual texture. Metallic vines and leaves cross the background adding more depth.

In the end I used shades of white, ecru, taupe, tan and nude. The large butterfly is shuttle-tatted  in several rounds with shades of ecru and taupe pearl cotton, used for it’s beautiful sheen.  The background is hand embroidered on 28ct linen. The many tatted flowers are sequined and beaded.  Wee tatted butterflies overlap onto the brushed metal frame. This piece measures 5 x 7.

This work required a lot of planning and time to design. I researched the perfect stitches, made tons of tiny tatted things, many of which I have used in other work. I chose the perfect color palette and threads in silk, cotton, pearl cotton, metals and nylon. Glass beads  and sequins to match. I just keep working and working until it all looks complete and even more pleasing than my original visualization.  Something special for myself.  The only place this can be seen is in my home. I hope you enjoy the Butterfly Garden.

4 thoughts on “My personal Butterfly Garden

  1. It’s a beautiful interpretation! I keep thinking I will frame some of my work and hang it but I keep getting sidetracked. Thank you for sharing your butterfly garden with us!

  2. This framed butterfly piece is gorgeous! By double-clicking the photos, the amount of work that went into this is SO impressive, as is all of your tatting!

    I discovered your blog through Gina (Tatting Goddess), and was delighted to learn that your store is about an hour away from the Pittsburgh area In fact, we recently visited the Blue Heron and I saw your beautiful tatted pieces in person! I hope I can meet you sometime when you are in the store!

    My husband and I discovered quaint and charming Volant back in the 1980s and often visited the area.. We were surprised when the Grove City shops were built, but I imagine it has helped bring more visitors to Volant. In recent years we’ve tended to drive straight up to Erie (also amazingly revitalized), so we hadn’t visited Volant in a long time. It was pleasant to be there again! I had a nice chat with the gal at the Mill.

    I’m enjoying reading your posts, especially the ‘Alpaca Love’ story. Is the duck still there?

    • How wonderful! Thank you for the wonderful comment. I love working as a fiber artist and it means so much to me when others appreciate what I do.

      I think the Blue Heron is the cat’s meow. I wouldn’t go anywhere else with my work. It’s very neat that you have visited. I am up there about twice a month, mostly to bring fresh work and meet with the Director. I manage operations from home thanks to the internet.

      I am glad you are enjoying my Blog. The Alpaca tale is my favorite also. And, much to my dismay, I have not seen the duck since the fall. I still look for him every time I travel up there.

      Thanks so much! Jennifer

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