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Sometimes, when I sit down in the evening to tat I am just in the mood for something a little simpler. Snowflakes are a good past time. I work from my own pattern book and typically change something every time I work. More picots, longer chains, bigger rings…different cord. It is amazing how even small changes can impact the overall design of a tatting pattern. TheĀ  Snowball (No.8) shown above is one of my simplest patterns frilly-fied. I added uniform picots to the rings wherever I could creating a pleasantly textured flake. The rings at the points are reversed so the picots lay flat and hug the satin ball. I love the Mallard Blue color with the snow white flake on it. It has been embellished with glass pearls in the rings.

The No.12 Snowball was truly a unique delight to design. I wanted the effect of crystalized flurries. I made many Teeny Tats (tiny picot-ed rings) and secured them with AB coated Celestial Crystal. After spending a considerable amount of time tacking the Teenies to the ball I felt there just needed to be a little bit of something more…whimsical life. In come the wee PIXIE butterflies-peach in color with glass beaded wings and pink Swarovski crystals in their middles. I finished off this PIXIE wonderland with a few clusters of tatted leaves embellished with more Swarovski. It is a delight to my eyes.

I will be listing all the Snowballs as I make them in my menu to the left.

A link to my Snowball shop on Etsy:


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