Rearranging my Blog info…

I have spent the morning making some changes to the available information in my left sidebar. My personal bio is now below my photo. The calender is moved to the bottom. And a new list of “Sites I enjoy” has been added under my categories of work. I thought people might be interested in some of the blogs, sites, and Etsy shops that I like to visit.

The first, KitLane, has become my favorite Etsy Seller. I have been buying Needle-Felted creatures called Bobaloos from her for about a year now.

The Kohr Bobaloo Clan

This photo of my collection was taken for Kit at Christmas time. They have their own glass case and sit in my livingroom across from my chair so I can take delight in seeing them every day. My husband has made small risers for them so I can stagger them and see them all. So far in my collection I have Jacobobs (ears down) and Jacabunnies (ears up), a mouse, one called Questionable DNA (pink balled antennae) and 3 peas. Their names are (from left to right) Flossy, Moose, Weebit, Martha, Daucus and O’Sheehan, a lucky and rare four-eared Jacabunny, and the peas.

And yes, those are small glass Christmas trees for the holiday. Kit has an amazing imagination and creates colorful stories to go with her Bobaloos that will leave you in stitches. She makes other small needle-felted fantasy worlds as well and has a very solid following. Right now she has had trouble keeping up with demand…which is a great thing for any Etsy shop owner but if you check out her sold listings, you can read about the Bobaloos and see who she has created.

I have so much more fiber art and jewelry to add but I have been sorting through photos that I have luckily recovered. They need edited and organized and with trying to put new listings in JJBeads and creating new things for Snappy Tatter and the Blue Heron I just don’t have enough hours in the day!

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