Lady Diana

I created the Diana butterfly a little while ago and fell in love. She is a double winged shuttle-tatted beauty that is wonderfully 3-D. This Boysenberry colored version has tiny glass seed beads tatted into the wings for some Bling and a large glass focal bead for her body. The center bead is a purple color with a golden cast to it. I made this Sterling Silver butterfly stick pin for myself and have been wearing her around on my trendy sweaters that have 3-D bulky flowers on them. She looks like part of the sweater nestled in among big knitted flowers. I wore her out the other day on my heavy cream-colored, cable knit Alpaca sweater coat and people fell in love with her.

The first Diana I made was pale blue with a pearl center.

I will be making a smaller Diana for a Barrette soon. I think she will look lovely resting in someones hair.

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