Inside The Snappy Tatter Studio

I thought would provide a rare peek into my studio. I am an independent fiber artist that works at home full time. I am a home-body and a recluse so I am very comfortable with not going anywhere except the post office for days at a time and it is very important that I have a little nest to work from. When we were house shopping and first visited our updated 100+ year old home I immediately gravitated to this front bedroom. Lots of space and lots of light with the two windows. I could feel that this was where I was supposed to design and create. The room just had great energy. I have a great set up in my studio. To the right is my over sized drafting table where I do all of my finishing. To the left is my computer desk. The nice comfy chair was from my in-laws and I will sit there and tat during the afternoon although most of my tatting is done downstairs in the evening. Across from the chair is a TV on my filing cabinets. The radiator in front of the window is Mac and Bebe’s (the kitties) personal warmer. Actually, BeBe is usually in the blue chair snoring and Mac is sprawled out somewhere that he won’t get stepped on.

The walls are a medium sage green although I am thinking I will paint them a light yellow this summer. The fuchsia valances were made by me from silk that was my husband’s grandmother’s. Matching (and supposedly removable) pink and green spots and butterflies are on the walls. There are big colorful plush flowers in a cobalt vase on the radiator. My husband gave them to me for Valentine’s Day one year. They smile at me every day. The black and white chair in the photo is an old piano chair that I painted when I was in high school. I have used it to sit at my drafting table for the past 20+ years. In the room behind the camera is a sewing table with my machine and a large cabinet my father made where I store threads and larger supplies. It opens to become a full sized cutting table as well. You can see, by close ups of the photos, that storage is a huge thing. I have cupboards and cabinets all over. Everything is labeled…I have a minor love affair going on with my label maker.  I always believe “there is a place for everything and everything has its place.” At the end of my work day I clean everything up and put it away so the next day feels like a fresh start.

This is my sanctuary. I have filled this room with flowers, Hello kitties, lizards, and various collectibles from other Etsy sellers. It’s a fun fresh place with a great energy. There is a huge map on one wall where I pin destinations of my work all around the world. I have sold to people in Australia, England, Germany, Japan, Poland, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland and New Zealand as well as all over the US. Very cool.

I come up here at 10 am and assess what needs to happen. Right now I have oodles of items that need listed on Etsy…but first photos have to be taken and edited. Busy. Busy.

I hope you enjoy the peek into the Snappy Tatter studio!


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  1. It’s always fun to see what kind of setting makes others creative. I tend to leave my stuff out until I am finished with it whether it’s a few hours, days or (gulp!) months. If I put it away, I’m distracted by something new. My living room, where I do the majority of my work is also sage green with a faux finish. I love it immensely. It just feels good to me, so it will stay that way until it doesn’t feel good anymore. Now other rooms in the house….need to be something new. They don’t feel so good anymore. Cool idea about the map!

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