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I have been super uber busy here in my home studio. I have been restructuring my organization…hopefully to be more streamlined and efficient in the long run. A little hard work now…save some time later. Lots of labeling and rearranging has been going on during the day and at night I have been entering more listings in my JJBeads Etsy shop and my Snappy Tatter Etsy shop. When I am just too tired to think or tat or putter around in my studio any more…I surf Etsy for fun looking for work I enjoy.

I found a really cool artist that is right up my alley…sometimesiswirl… Her work is moving and delightful. Light and fresh. I get a very wonderful feeling seeing the black and white swirls, curves, blossoms and waves. Very nice!

And…bonus…she enjoys embroidering her designs as well. Three cheers for Fiber Art!  Take a peek at her site. It is a treat for the eyes!


1 thought on “Check out sometimesiswirl on Etsy

  1. Wow, thank you so much for the wonderful kind words written here 🙂

    (And I know exactly what you mean – that spark, that feeling you get when you see a drawing that particularly SPEAKS to you. So glad you enjoy my swirls!!!)

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