Custom Snappy Tatter work…fun fun fun

I have a wonderful extended family that live very close to us here in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania.  My husband has two beautiful sisters that are tall, blond and thin like his mother. I like to make them special gifts for holidays and special occasions. This past year I decided to make my younger sister-in-law, Melody, a Snappy Tatter Cocktail Ring. A tatted ring of classic black and Hematite. She is young and likes to get out with her friends so I thought this would be fitting for a festive girls night out. The cordonnet used was jet black as was the agate stone base. Hematite beads were both tatted into and sewn into the Flair design. This turned out to be a striking combination and  a great gift for her for last Christmas. She loved it and it fit perfectly.

Recently my other sister-in-law requested a custom piece for her sister-in-law…I hope everyone followed that. Anyhoo-Melissa got me on a mission to design rosebud earrings and a matching pendant. So I thought about it and got to tatting. After a few attempts and some collaboration with the hubbs (my Creative Consultant-that’s his official title) I came up with the following pattern: The photo is not the greatest but shows the design well enough. The Rosebud design is new. And the pendant is my Rosette pattern with extra stitches so it is flat. It has one simple black crystal in the center. Melissa’s sister-in-law has a simple and easy style so I tried not to bling up the pattern too much.

And recently, I created a custom barrette for an Etsy customer. I made a large purple/berry colored Mum with glass beading randomly through out and two large birch leaves in olive on a 3″ metal barrette. It is about 1/2″ wider than my barrettes usually are. My customer has lots of hair and wanted something to really stand out. She was pleased with the result. And I am pleased that she is pleased.

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