What does a Snappy Tatter do when she is not tatting?

Why she makes silliness, of course! I am a person who loves the elegant, the ornate and the richly embellished…as seen in a lot of my fiber art and tatted jewelry. I enjoy glitter and glam and over the top sparkle. I am also fascinated with fantasy. I really was determined to be a woodland Pixie when I was growing up. Or a mermaid. I can still put myself to sleep by imagining the vision and the feel of being submerged in a coral reef with no cares in the world. All the sharks are my friends….I digress.

So…onto my recent silliness. I received gift cards to the local Joann Fabric for Christmas from family this past year. I don’t use them for work or supplies I try to find the one thing I would want to buy but never have the money for…or can’t pry the money out of my wallet for…I tend to be frugal.

I bought a pom-pom maker. You heard right. I have always loved pom-poms…with no real root for that particular amusement. So I spent the weekend relaxing and making critters I have been calling Buds…

A variegated Bud and his friend the purple berry Bud

Silliness. I have no reason to make them other than I feel tickled pink. They are made with various odds and ends of worsted weight acrylic yarn…this fluffs the best…pipe cleaner and sticky-back googly eyes. Fun. Silly. Nonsense. Of course I had to make a Bud for the Hubbs….

Hubb's Bud

And now it sits on his nightstand where he is accruing a little collection of silly things I give him out of love. He says they seem like nonsense until he thinks about what he would do if I died (morbid)…then he professes he will cry like a baby over the little Bud and other goofy things I have given him. I love that man.

The Snappy Tatter Posse

Here is my crew so far….Just thought everyone might like to know that although I may seem serious at times…I am a closet goofball with a mental age of about 8.   Yay for the Buds!!!

2 thoughts on “What does a Snappy Tatter do when she is not tatting?

  1. The Snappy Tatter is one extremely talented lady! I wish I could post a picture of the beautiful rose earrings and necklace she tatted for me. They are a work of art!

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