Everybody think SPRING

It’s coming…it’s almost here. Forget about the winter doldrums…the snow, the rain, the sludge, the freezing temps. You can’t see you breath anymore. You can see grass for once….the daffodils are making their way to the sun…the birds are coming back to have their babies and a beautiful transformation is about to begin. It will take over and before you know it there will be green and yellow and every other color of the rainbow painting our worlds…

I live in western PA in the US. Winter has been tough. This post is for all of us that would like a little ray of sun in their life….Flowers and Butterflies. Some of my favorite subjects for the tatted lace I have made over the years. Enjoy. Smile!

Some of these items are listed in my Etsy shop. www.snappytatter.etsy.com

Everything can be custom made.

I hope I have brightened your day!

Jennifer the Snappy Tatter

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