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For nearly the past 2 years I have been a proud member of an art gallery in Volant, Pennsylvania, called The Blue Heron Art Gallery and Cultural Center. I have been waiting to write this post until the dust settled and I had a grip on my feelings but the Blue Heron  and all of the wonderful things associated with our operations is over.

Our gallery was completely operated on a volunteer basis under the direction of Don Gold, the Director. I was his right-hand man so-to-speak…his go-to girl. I managed Operations for him and worked as his assistant. Over the last couple of years I have become close to many of our 40+ fold of artists, especially the volunteers. I trained and scheduled the newbies and maintained our monthly schedule, wrote policies, standardized our information and kept the consignment shop running as smoothly as possible. Now that is over. I could go into a long explanation of why this is…but ultimately I have no desire to sling mud on my Blog and it doesn’t matter now.

I will say that we were under the direction of a 3 member board who decided to take our gallery in a different direction…non existence. We were successful both as a gallery, education center and consignment shop. In fact, we were the most successful business of the Volant cultural corridor last year. Unfortunately, this is not enough. And unfortunately, the prospect of more money wins over cultural richness. Proposals were given that were unfeasible…so the Blue Heron as we know it has crumbled.

The news came on February 12th, when my very sullen director called to give me the news. I went to the BH on the 13th and removed my work and began talking with a lot of the artists about the situation. Emails have been flying all through the net as we all aired our disappointments, sadness and ultimately helplessness. We are a family. We have shared in the BH’s growth, prosperity, difficulties and changes…just like a family does. It has been sad for all of us. Many feelings have been voiced but ultimately, everyone has been shocked at the suddenness of our galleries demise.

I came to terms myself, pretty quickly. I felt that if there was any way the BH would survive I would be involved, but not with any association with the board that brought this so unfairly to fruition.

So…home is truly where the tatting is for me. I brought my work home. And I immediately began posting everything on my Etsy site, Snappy Tatter. So the good thing is there is lots of work to see there now. Other good news  is that I have a chance to work on a new Snappy Couture piece that I should be able to list by the end of the week. And after a few days of dragging around and feeling weepy (hubby brought me beautiful flowers), I started to re-evaluate what I would like my schedule to be like around here and how I would like to advance my work online. So…more blogging-yay! A new Facebook page will be up soon. I would like to see how much of my time that takes up! And of course, the new JJBeads site is coming along great…I plan to be adding applique to that shop soon. I am busy. And even though I worked at home before (and wasn’t paid)…I have less stress, sleep better and am more relaxed. And I am not fielding emails all day long.

So no more Blue Heron lots more Snappy Tatter. Everything is okay.

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  1. I’m sorry that such a satisfying venture has ended for you but you have great experience to add to your resume and I firmly believe that no door closes without another one opening. I hope everyone who was involved finds another adventure that is even better.

    BTW, I just visited your FB page and did see your photos. Maybe you already made a change of some kind but it looks fine to me.

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