Vacation is coming!

I could use a break for sure. With battling my asthma, the demise of the Blue Heron and the doldrums of dealing with that and the repeated wicked weather we keep having…I am ready. Get me out of here.

My Hubbs birthday is the 13th…our anniversary the 12th and my birthday is the 23rd…so we wrap all of March up into a big celebration. For him, me and us. Last year we gambled in West Virginia, went antiquing, and visited art galleries. The year before we booked a swanky hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, ate at a cool diner, walked around the city and watched movies and enjoyed a special dinner out. Frog legs. Big mistake.

This year its a cabin in Keystone State Park. A modern cabin which, to us, is like luxury camping considering we normally hike and “rough it”. No people, no technology, (no blogging), just the two of us hanging around. We truly do enjoy each other, especially in the great outdoors. We plan to hike, and visit the nearby city for a meal or two. But mostly he will read and I will tat. Although he may sharpen knives and try to start a fire from sticks. He loves to do that.

I am excited to start working on a new Couture piece since I will be indoors without a fire so I can wash my hands and there will be no smoke. I am thinking Dandelions. I made one for myself yesterday and I forgot how much I love the flower and the tatting pattern I have designed. I am thinking…glittery with sprawling leaves. A big fat flower. I need to expand my normal dandelion pattern.  Here is a Mini Dandelion on a box. I loooove the color but I have a heavier thread in several shades of gold.

Golden Dandelion


So I am thinking I will need to make several in different sizes and different shades with teeny flowers in a contrast color to give the bouquet depth.  Maybe blue although I am partial to berries and purples with gold. We shall see.

I will check in before I go. Cheers everyone!

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