Treasuries on Etsy

Etsy has a cool feature called Treasuries. They are member curated mini-galleries of Etsian’s work. They are as vastly interesting as Etsy artisans are and I have often thought I would enjoy creating one…just hadn’t gotten around to it. But recently, with my mini-obsession with dandelions I decided to create my first Treasury ode completely to dandelions. You will find this treasury called “I am Dandelion…hear me ROAR!”  here:

Today, tickled with the fun of researching the material for a treasury, I created a second one called “Ode to Rodents…”

More treasuries will be coming soon…this is fun!

I will be packing for VACATION tomorrow. Yayyyyyyyy!

For everyone who needs a SERIOUS laugh while I am gone…visit this link about text message mess ups!   (some adult content) It’s hysterical. My husband and I were laughing so hard our sides hurt. He actually came home from a long bad day and I put the computer in front of him and said, “just read”. He was crying, he was laughing so hard….

Good night!

I would love to know what you think! Send me a comment!

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