Vacation at last…

Going on a 5 day retreat with the husband to Keystone State Park. Super excited! We get to use our TomTom for the first time. We are spending 5 days with  no computer, laptops, blackberry, telephone reception, TV in a modern cabin in the beautiful forests of Pennsylvania. This getaway is to celebrate both of our birthdays and our anniversary (which is today). Hubbs has been particularly lovey today. He even opened the car door for me. I asked who was he and what did he want…he just grinned and said he probably stopped doing that around the time I thought it was entertaining to lock him out of the car as he went to his door. 😮

Both my Etsy shops, Snappy Tatter and JJBeads, are in vacation mode. The last two orders go out tomorrow. I will have plenty of time to think about a new Spring Gala design. And maybe I will have some time to get to my “list of design ideas” I jot down. I have more work to photo and list right now but I am waiting till I come back so I can tend to my shop.  Most importantly, I will be refreshed and renewed breathing in fresh air and walking about in the woods. My husband is a true delight on vacation. We are cut of the same cloth; mostly lazy and focused on food with an intermittent competitive game of rummy keeping us entertained. My bags are packed…

Cheers! JJ

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