Black Flairs Abound…

I sat down with full shuttles the other day (before vacation-which was lovely) and created some black Flair blossoms with various beads tatted into the designs. I used heavier weight cordonnet and glass beading. I was going to make them into pendants but I felt like making them into something a little different.

The Flair blossom with a single dark gold bead tatted into the edges. Hematite rounds and a large black glass crystal are sewn into the center. The crystal is fantastic, brilliant and black. I recently used these crystals in a new Snappy Couture statement necklace I will be posting soon. The Flair is mounted on neutral colored upholstery fabric with a nice texture and then mounted on a Sterling pin base with a lever closure. Find more photos and the shop listing here:


Sunset Star

This mini-box keepsake has a five-pointed star with brilliant gold and amber beading tatted into the edges.  A frilly black Teeny Tat (tiny flower), Czech black rounds and a large Amber crystal are hand sewn into the center. The Flair was offset on gold sheer fabric and a wee orange PIXIE butterfly was added for  fun whimsy. The butterfly only measures 1/2″ and is shuttle tatted with the finest tatting cordonnet which is the thickness of sewing thread. The knots are so tiny you can’t see them without looking very very closely.  If you look at the petals of the Teeny Tat in the center of the star and the antennae of the butterfly, you will see the difference in the thickness of the threads I used for the tatting.  This little round box is fully lined with black felt. More photos can be found here:


Cocktail Ring

The final Flair became a Cocktail Ring. This Flair was larger because of heavier (and firmer) thread and more stitches. Pewter glass beads are tatted into the edges making them pointed. Silver-lined clear gunmetal seeds and Hematite were sewn into the center. The gorgeous purple focal bead is from the Czech Republic.  I love the simplicity of the design and the size of this flower for a cocktail ring. I think it turned out bold and flirty. I will probably make more this size. The Flair is attached to a stone agate base. You can see more photos of this ring  here:

I have many pieces of tatting around here just waiting to be finished. Today is the first day of spring and my Spring Gala Couture piece is nearly done. I worked on it over our lovely cabin vacation last week. I also have a new dragonfly, a pale pink rosette barrette and some leaves to finish. Hopefully this work will be done through the week. I have been distracted by my vacationing husband. We have been watching lots of movies and enjoying the beautiful sunshine  and our blossoming gardens.

My lovely little crocuses are out to ring in the Spring season and my 7+ varieties of daffodils are not far behind.  I am relaxed and refreshed after our break but ready to get back to my studio tomorrow.

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