sneek peak of Mystique and attack of the Wicker Giraffe

My newest Snappy Couture creation was ready to be listed. After days of work it came down to the photography and I got out of my pajamas for once…washed up and spruced up and slipped on a very strained black dress (poor thing) and set up myself for some portraits. I am a bit plump and my make up was a bit strong…but more importantly… is that a GIRAFFE in the background???!!!

Mystique and attack of the Wicker Giraffe

Why…yes, it is. It is the famed 4 foot tall tan wicker giraffe with blue spots from The Pittsburgh Zoo about 10 years ago. I love that giraffe. My Husband calls it the “creepy giraffe”. My older cat attacked it when he was a kitten. He jumped up and wrapped his little paws around its neck and knocked it to the floor effectively killing it. Good kitty.

Well, I do my own photo shots to show my work on a person in my studio. Some how I forgot to clear the back of my room so my kitschy fun stuff didn’t show up in my serious photo. Creative editing took the giraffe out but I really should get a backdrop of some kind. I am open to any suggestions so that “attack of the wicker Giraffe” does not happen again.

Mystique is listed in my Etsy shop here:

I will be posting more photos of this work soon.

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