My Butterflies have fluttered away!

But not very far! I decided to move my applique items (flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and snowflakes) over to my new shop JJBeads I felt they were better suited to an atmosphere filled with beads, buttons and ribbon. I wanted to make room in my Snappy Tatter shop for more jewelry and fiber art categories. I am hoping everyone who visits JJBeads feels my tatted and crocheted applique fit right in. In the meantime, a few of my butterflies on Snappy Tatter are now on clearance at 50% off! Stop by and check them out if you need applique.

PIXIE butterflies

Sparkle PIXIES


Emma in Berry


Other designs not seen here are Diana who is a 3-D Stick Pin, Daphne who has become a pendant and  Abagail who embellishes a metal box under “Gallery of Fiber Art Boxes 2011” to the left.

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