Hello and may I have my discount please?

Of course!!!! All subscriber’s to my Blog will now receive a monthly discount code to use in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter. For the rest of April the discount is 25% off everything. Who doesn’t love a little off the top to have something special!

I am enjoying the Blogging and even now I am finally getting the hang of Facebook. And on Etsy now, shop owners can come up with discount codes to give to customers. We used to have to adjust all of our listings one by one or else refund money through PayPal. This is genius! I will change the discount from month to month and the code will only be good during the month it is for.

If you are already a subscriber and would like to receive April’s code and monthly codes from here on…comment on this post and I will send it to the email on file.

Discounts!!! Yay!!!

If ever, for some reason, you would like to subscribe but do not want the code…um, okay…just say so and I will not send you any messages. I don’t want to SPAM anyone. I am actually starting to get SPAM on my cell phone so I know unwarranted messages are annoying!

Anyhoo-I hope everyone gets to enjoy this.

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