Teeny Tats to share!

I try to include a little something special with all of the Snappy Tatter purchases. I know how it feels when you order something online and they include that one little free thing that makes you really feel like they appreciate your business. I have been giving out Teeny Tats, PIXIE  butterflies, small flowers and/or a coupon for 10% off future purchases to customers as a little “I appreciate your business” sentiment.

I recently ordered a beautiful print from one of my favorite Etsy shops…sometimesiswirl. A fantastic Mendi inspired peacock in shades of red and purple.

Beautiful! It’s 8 x 10 and has been framed and hung in my upstairs studio above my drafting table where I finish all of my work. You can visit her shop through the link to the left under Sites I enjoy.

“swirl’s” packaging was perfect. I sent her a note and thanked her and told her that I feel you can always tell when someone is really enjoying their Etsy shop by the packaging and presentation as well as communication. This print came in a flat mailer that had her signature hand drawn swirls around the edges. A matching business card was included as well as a blank notecard with one of her prints on it. Not only was I thrilled to receive my print but I could feel through the packaging that she really took the time to make this a special purchase for me.

Well, I renewed my dedication to giving out Teeny Tat notecards and worked on several yesterday to get me through a the next month.

My drafting table with Teeny Tats drying

Teeny Tats PIXIE Butterfly cards

Teeny Tats flower notecards

Something I have to keep up with, these little blank cards sell well on Etsy to people who want something unique and handmade for simple correspondence. Right now there are two listings. One for the Teeny Tats flowers in ecru and another for Teeny Tats Starbursts that have a wee glittered star surrounded by swirls in the upper corner. You can find the listings under “stationary” on my home page www.snappytatter.etsy.com

Just another note about the Teeny Tats notecards…as I was tying the wee glittery rocaille in the center of each PIXIE butterfly and attaching them to the surface of the notecard,  I noticed how each little butterfly seemed to have a personality all its own. Every little one looks a little different even though they are all comprised of the same 72 stitches. 72! To make up a butterfly that is approximately 1/2″ wide. That just goes to show how fine the tiny knots are. The cordonnet is true tatting thread…size 80 and is only a little thicker than regular sewing thread. Here is a Snappy Tatter PIXIE gallery for you to enjoy!

Cheers! Jennifer

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