So hard to say good-bye.

One of the hardest things I have to do in my life as a fiber artist is say “good-bye” to my work when it is sold. I work hard to create works that delight me and sing to my soul. There is a piece of me in each work of art…my imagination at the very least. There is a sadness behind my eyes when I carefully package my work and take it to the post office. Sometimes after I have paid postage I have actually picked the package back up as if to take it back home with me. That is why I take tons of photos of every little thing I make. I keep them in albums (I am starting on a third) and look through them from time to time to remember the work I have done as well as remind myself of the work that is still in there waiting to be expressed.

The Dandelion Gala is on its way to Australia along with a Majestic Dragonfly Pendant. Deep Breath. I love this piece. And there will never be another just like it. It was part of my Snappy Couture Gala line that I love so much. Farewell sweet Dandelion.

The Dandelion Gala

My heart is now wrapped up in a framed piece I hope to be listing later today and another Gala necklace dedicated to Spring.

Cheers everyone! Jennifer

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