My latest work and latest news.

I have been a very busy girl. I finally finished my latest Snappy Couture design…Spring Gala. It is on Etsy and I will be talking about it here soon. And I finished a delightfully whimsical framed work called “Follow Me”.

I hand embroidered a silky damask background and added tiny flowers over lazy daisy stitches. The pattern swirls around an antique silver medallion with a flurry of PIXIE butterflies that are progressively larger. I really enjoyed creating this piece. Much of my work is very colorful but I do enjoy more subdued colors as well and this piece displays that. You can find more photos in my Etsy shop:

I have also designed a Lily pattern that I have used in my Spring Gala necklace. This is the first Lily I worked on in white, lilac and purple on a Sterling Bobby Pin. There is a tiny bit of yellow peeking through the center around a large glass pearl.

I am thinking an orange or yellow one needs to be next to match my day lilies that are coming up. There are more Lily photos in my Etsy shop as well.

And I have new Dainty Blossom earrings listed with glass beading and Hematite rounds.

So cute!

I have been very busy. I have been accepted into two new shows. I am now working towards an Art Festival at the end of May and another that is an open-air artist market in Pittsburgh during Saturdays through the summer. The show I am doing in May is the Riverwalk festival in New Castle PA. I will be at the open air market in Pittsburgh probably one Saturday a month. Tatting is a time consuming process so I can’t commit myself to too much or I will face tatter’s burnout. 🙂

That’s what’s new here. Lots of rain and lots of spring flowers. I think I will be working on a Butterfly Gala soon.

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Cheers and good night!


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  1. That framed picture is just stunning! I also love the earrings, simple but elegant. Very nice work.

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