A happy Snappy family

So here’s a little Snappy Tatter inside news. I love my family. Besides the giant (6’5″) husband that I love so much, I have two kitties (giant as well) and now an adopted rehabilitating Chinese Water Dragon whose original name was Jack-a-roo. But we just call her/him (juries still out) Jackie. First my hubbs and I had Mac. A teeny kitten from the Humane Society. He was so small and stringy…and precious. He played all day and then flopped down exhausted on the sofa and we saw beautiful black on black stripes which eventually faded as he got older. We called him “stretch” because he was actually so long…little did we know he would grow to be a substantial 15+ lbs and look like a force to be reckoned with.Little does everyone else know…he is SUCH a Momma’s Boy. All Mine. Seen here helping me with laundry. He is very wary of EVERYTHING and can be found late at night curled up by my side and glaring at everything that moves.

Later we (I) adopted BeBe. Her name was to be Beatrice but when you picked her 2 lb. 4 oz. little body up…she held her arms out to you and hugged you. OMG! I cannot tell you how adorable she is. It makes you want to cry! BeBe was a precious name…just like her.Here are my two  pals receiving a package for me. Thanks! Mac is holding down the package while BeBe just looks innocent. Here is BeBe holding down Seth while he naps. He flops around a lot. And here she is making sure he doesn’t fall out of bed.

And here is BeBe trying to hold him down so he doesn’t slide off the bed. They have a relationship all their own.

Now we have Jackie…a small (eventually to be quite large) Chinese Water Dragon. This is Jackie toasting on a heating pad set on low when we first brought her home. She is very thin, brown…should be green and not feeling very well. But we went out and got the proper UVB light and a pool to hang in, a branch to chillax on next to heat lamps, infrared lights, new reptile turf and a nice tropical plant and lots of vitamins, mealworms and crickets and $150 later we were geared up to be lizard-parents. This is how we roll!

Jackie’s new digs. Until we can build her something about 6 times this size this is where she sleeps. She spends most of the day hanging on us, swimming in the tub or hanging in my giant Boston Fern.

Jackie and the Hubbs bonding, looking much greener and a little fatter, about 1 1/2 weeks after we brought her home.

Jackie on my chair pillow behind my head. I believe she has figured out who I am since her habitat is in my studio and she stares at me all day long. When I reach in her tank she scrambles to climb up my arm and when my husband holds her, she frequently makes a bee-line for me wherever I am in the room. Only issue with the family is BeBe.

BeBe is staring Jackie down and simultaneously telling me…”if you don’t feed me now…I will eat your lizard”.

And here’s Jackie, helping me write this very Blog entry. (apparently, the heat of the keyboard ROCKS!)

So this is the Snappy Tatter family. One big happy, furry, scaly bunch.


Jennifer, Seth, Mac, BeBe, and Jackie



  1. beegraziani said,

    May 6, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    I love your Snappy Tatter family! The picture of BeBe on your hubby’s back is precious. I just cannot believe the cats have not gone after Jackie. I have three adult sons; when they were younger they had pet reptiles and snakes and my cat wanted to get at them at every opportunity. I was kind of grossed out by the iguanas and snakes, but I kind of like Jackie. Looks like a perfectly happy pet! Enjoy and thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. snappytatter said,

    May 6, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Hi! thanks for the nice comment. The photo of BeBe on my husband’s back is one of my favorites! He flopped down and napped instantly in the middle of the afternoon and was snoring something fierce and when I walked by I noticed sweet BeBe curled in a ball on him. I instantly shot the photo and sent it to his sisters with the line….she doesn’t mind his snoring! hahaha!

    And so far Mac could care less about Jackie. He saw her once and looked at her like…that is the UGLIEST cat I have ever seen. BeBe on the other hand, is on a mission. So until Jackie gets bigger and no longer looks edible she is supervised. She does seem really happy with us now. I am glad we have adopted her. Thanks for commenting!


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