New Flower Pendants On Etsy

The simple Daisy in light blue with a white glass pearl center. One of my original flower designs and still a favorite for its delicate simplicity.

The middle flower is a Sunflower I designed for a friend of mine that wanted a Sunflower gift for her friend. I used my Gerbera pattern and beaded it to appear more like the Sunflower with a richly colored center that fades out to golden petals.

And on the right is a multi-color Mum design. I enjoy purple, red and gold together and decided to try a combination of colors instead of a solid Mum. I beaded he same wine colored glass beads throughout for congruency.
Today I am working on simple Bracelet patterns for my upcoming show at the end of the month. It’s a gorgeous day outside and I am enjoying Syfy channels “B” movie marathon as usual.

Highlight of my day: two Canadian geese swam by on the stream that runs alongside our home with half a dozen little gold babies right on their mother’s tail. Soooooo sweet. I only wish I had time to get my camera.



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