How to keep a Snappy Tatter busy?

I am SUPER busy. I am getting ready for my first outdoor show at the New Castle Riverwalk Arts Festival. Me, artists, food, music….=good times!

But there is always so much to be done when you run your own business. Especially when you are CEO, Creative Director, Artiste, Accountant, Marketing Exec, Operations Officer, clerk, shipping and receiving but mostly just Artiste…

There are all these fine points to consider like pricing and display as well as my personal records but if there is no inventory it is all for nothing. So my main focus always has to be…production.

Tatting is time consuming. It is a knotted lace technique that involves small shuttles and yards of cordage. A Lark’s Head knot is tied on a core thread to form rings and chains. A small space between the knots creates a picot or loop that is decorative or for joining. Tatting is literally, knot after knot. even small motifs can take an amazing amount of time.

So I work on these motifs and patterns through the weekend and on Monday I gather my bits and pieces. They all go into separate baggies and wait to be finished. There is a shelf for unfinished work, work to be photographed, work to be labeled and work to be shipped. So the pouch of all the work I tatted this weekend is ready to go upstairs to be beaded and turned into jewelry or Fiber Art. And this week is crunch time before my show in two weeks. Get as much done as possible. Next week I work on pricing, tagging, photos, signage, displays, handouts and everything it takes to let the world know (or at least the New Castle area) I am Here!!!!

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