Jackie’s got a new suit!!!

One of the first milestones in our little Dragon’s life…Jackie has spent the day desperately trying to rid herself of her old skin. Hubbs said to me last night “her skin on her knee looks loose…” I didn’t think anything. She’s a lizard. Everything looks a little Jurassic with her.

Alas, this morning when I went to my studio to settle in and brought her her vitamin coated cricket breakfast I found her covered with what looked like an ill fitting translucent raincoat.

Yay! She’s growing!!!I kept an eye on her all day and changed her water pool three times. Seems she liked to wiggle in the warm water to help get her skin off. When it finally started to peel away I was blown away by the brilliant green, the stripes, speckles, and leopard like spots. Under her arms yellow was revealed and the underside of the one foot she has molted is snow white. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

My Hubbs and I spent the evening with her and her new suit. I snapped many pictures and tried to get the best photos of her gorgeous color and spots. She is a such a lovely little Dragon.

She spent some time with Seth, although she is still a little nervous with him. And she spent quite a bit of time in my bay window on my fern. “We’re in the Jungle now….baby!!!” (A little Guns-N-Roses reference for you).

But she spent most of her time chillaxing on my shoulder while I watched TV. She turns to face me and honestly, she clicks very quietly in my ear. I click back but so far we are failing to truly communicate with each other.


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