Busy Bee…small gallery of work for the Arts Festival

I am getting ready for the upcoming Arts Festival and haven’t been listing my newest work in my Etsy shop. It will be listed when I come back, if I still have it. The Festival is 8 days from now and I am getting down to the wire. But I have lots of inventory and still time to make more work. Today I think I will be working on more small boxes and pricing/tagging my cocktail rings and barrettes. Luckily I have always enjoyed the business/clerical aspect of my work. When I have tatted and designed a lot, I take care of the more menial tasks required for my business to run smoothly.

Below is a sneak peek of the work that will be going to the Arts Festival. Everything that is listed in my Esty shop right now will be going as well.

Snappy Tatter’s Etsy Shop

2 thoughts on “Busy Bee…small gallery of work for the Arts Festival

  1. Jennifer, your pieces are gorgeous!! I can tell the time and energy you have put into them. I’m looking forward to reading your Blog and looking at your Etsy shop over the next few days. Wishing you the very best at your Art Show with Sunshine, great weather, and many, many customers!!!! Good luck. Lynn

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