New designs going to the Riverwalk

I have been scrambling to make more designs for this weekends Riverwalk Arts Festival. I have 100+ original designs and it is almost impossible to have them all made at the same time unless I were to shut down my Etsy shop. And every time I work one of my patterns I inevitably bead and embellish it differently. Sometimes I change the size or weight of the thread, add or take away picots…well, you get the picture. The possibilities are endless. I made two Serpentine Bracelets as shown below. the light mocha one has frilly picots and beads hand sewn through the center. The black and silver Serpentine has graduated beads instead of picots. Same pattern, two totally different looks. Later I hope to find time to introduce my two newest Fiber Art keepsake boxes, but I am busy, busy, busy. trying to get everything tagged so I can put up my tables later on and set up my display. I am not a “wing it” kind of person when it comes to my business. I like to know how things will look and how long it takes.  I guess it is relieving for me. I hope to also showcase the work that is going with me. It may be the last chance I have to photo everything. (fingers crossed)

Be back later!


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