Introducing Strung up Sophie…

My Sophie Butterfly has become a necklace. She is bold and modern without frills or fru-fru. She likes to make a statement and she does it well. She has been shuttle-tatted with harvest orange and black cordonnet and beaded with black Czech glass rounds, dark orange seeds, and black faceted crystal. She is sharp!

She can be found in my Etsy Shop where she is chillaxing with tatted flowers and leaves and many more butterflies.

Rockin’ fine Sterling chain, she makes a beautiful impact as precious jewelry.  Go Sophie!

Sophie is a versatile gal and has been sold as large applique on JJBeads, my second Etsy shop where I sell applique and supplies from my stash.

She also has her own Garden. In Salmon and Azalea pink, she is softer and more feminine and makes a wonderful addition to a delicate Fiber Art garden.

Sophie's Garden

 Since my attendance at the New Castle Riverwalk Arts Festival two weeks ago I have been busy reorganizing my inventory and packing up the supplies I took with me in organized boxes so I know where everything is. I have also been busy with an influx of new orders and custom requests from my patrons, current customers, family and friends.

I designed a MOD style bracelet with salmon pink centers accented with black Czech glass beads. I have never made the MOD style in two colors before and was truly pleased with the outcome. It looks more floral than usual as there is such a distinction in the center rings. I also took the same style of bracelet and lengthened it to fit one of the show organizers. A standard size is available in my Etsy Shop. The Cobalt blue MOD Bracelet is one of my favorite designs. Glitzy and bold.

The MOD design is still one of my all time most popular styles. It is the only design I have that is a modified version of an antique pattern. It is the first pattern I turned into jewelry. It has become bracelets, pendants, chokers, double and triple wide cuffs, earrings and now a Bobby Pin which was a custom request from a regular customer.

I also completed a custom request from my BFF, Cindie (Cindie-Lou-Hoo) to make a Sunflower for a friend of hers. I researched the flower online and modified my Gerbera pattern to become a Sunflower. I tatted dark gold beads into the black center and silver-lined gold beads into the outer petals. I hand sewed more glass beads through the center rings and embellished the black center with a large, black Czech glass round. Long, uniform picots make the outer edge frilly and make the flower a large pendant. Voila! Sunflower!

I loved it so much, I made a second for my Etsy shop strung on black Italian leather.

Custom tatted earrings in white with dangling crystals were made for a customer’s bridesmaids. She has Ecru Frilly Drips with Ivory pearls to wear at her wedding.

So now, as of today, I am caught up on custom orders and focusing on new work as well as filling Etsy orders from customers who saw me at the show and went home to order online. Mystique from my Snappy Couture line sold to a customer who saw me at the show to someone in North Dakota.   The show continues to be more and more successful as the exposure I got was just priceless!

I have added many more pics to my galleries at the left for all of you to enjoy! Here’s a run-down of newly listed pics:

Faith cross pendant in cream

Infinity Bracelet in navy

Flourish Bracelet in black with red jade centers

Majestic Dragonfly with a new style of beading

Crystal PIXIE Garden Party Box in the Fiber Art Gallery

More Diana Stick Pins

Purple POP in the Mini Box Gallery

And I rearranged the Barrettes and included some pics of smaller ones


As for family life here at the Kohr household, Jackie, our Chinese Water Dragon is getting healthier by the minute. She is a lovely shade of green now and my father is looking into helping us build a nice large habitat for her. He is amazing at making furniture!

Seth and I spent last Friday night building a fire in our backyard fire pit. We roasted late night wienies and enjoyed “campfire confessions” with a few rum and cokes.

We spent all evening Monday putting in our garden and planting annuals. Wonderful! We can’t wait to reap the benefits!

Cheers everyone! Have a fantastic weekend!



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