We’re off again!

I am off to the woods again. Tomorrow we travel back down to Raccoon Creek for some R & R. Of course, I spend the time tatting. I have a new idea in my head I need to work out. I am thinking of a large wing. I think I keep getting inspired by all the crazy birds in my back yard. We have a Mulberry tree that is very large and very fruitful. So, during the summer we are bombed with birds in a feeding frenzy all morning and afternoon. So now I am thinking of a new pattern to try to develop. When the tent is up and the fire is burning I will sit with my old ratty ball of thread, shuttles, pen and paper and try to work out what is in my head. My hubbs will spend the time trying to start a fire with two sticks, making some kind of inedible pioneer food or carving silverware out of wood.  He is very amusing. I look forward to this every year.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun and safe Fourth of July. I will post when I come back next week.



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