My head is about to explode…I will miss you all.

OMG!!!!! I woke up this morning. Had my two cups of coffee and watched Kelly and Regis while I opened email on my Netbook. At 10 I wrapped things up, loaded the dishwasher, fed the cats, fed the lizard, gathered my things and went to my studio…and MY PC CRASHED!!!!!!!

For anyone that has a pulse and is not a computer geek or IT specialist… an ill PC can be one of the most stressful things we ever deal with. I tried to start it up using the F-keys…”Start-up has crashed and we don’t know what to do about it” was essentially the message that kept popping up….I ran a diagnotic on the memory…I tried to understand the garbled information that was supposed to tell me what was wrong…I needed way more coffee and possibly a shot of tranquilizer. I tried to get into the “other options” but could not enter a password….BECAUSE I NEVER GAVE IT ONE!!! “It” kept telling me to consult my administrator…I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR!!!! After two long long hours I happen to hit the “next” key when it wanted my password…it took me straight to the tools menu. STRAIGHT TO IT! All I had to do was hit “next”!!!!!!

I was about to throw up…(I am being melodramatic)…I did a System Restore to 3 different points in time. No luck. Seriously? I follow all the rules. I keep everything protected. I run antivirus, antispam, firewall, email and internet scanning and back up my files…blah blah blah…

I did a total System Recovery back to factory settings. I couldn’t get back into my account at Computer Associates where I have had my security software for like 10 years. It wouldn’t accept my password or email. So %^*$%$! them (sorry)…I am downloading McAfee which is what I have on my Netbook. Thank God for this little treasure. I am uploading/downloading all my software back onto my PC and typing this on my Netbook at the same time.

The really funny thing is I have my Netbook on my computer desk so I can watch the downloading while I continue to blog about how much of a pain in %^#^@*! this has been. So I have two mice (mouses) and two keyboards. I keep trying to type something on my Netbook and start to panic because nothing is happening…then I realize I am typing on the PC keyboard for the Netbook. Grrrr. And I keep using the PC mouse to work on the Netbook and it has literally taken all day to stop going “Oh no! Now my Netbook is not working!!!”

OK….breath Jenn breath. I am fine. But I feel for anyone that has just one computer these days and it crashes and we are lost until someone can give it a blessed shot of PC penicillin. I was talking to my BF’s 10 year old daughter the other evening…and as she got messages on her smartphone and played on her PS2 or whatever…I tried to explain that in my formative years I used to lay in the upstairs hallway, talking to my “boyfriend” on a phone with a spiral cord connected to the wall with a receiver the size of a loaf of bread. She was amazed, bewildered and amused all at once. She thinks I’m a dinosaur.

This world moves too fast sometimes…but we are so blessed to live in such a progressive age for the things we see that we would never have had the opportunity to just 30 years ago. Amen.


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  1. Technology is a wonderful thing. Remember when computers were going to give us all kinds of free time and a worry free life? We were so naive back then…..Glad you got everything up and running….take a breath…all is well!!!!

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