I can’t believe it’s been twenty years!

I recently heard from a high school friend on Facebook about all of us getting together since it has been 20 years. Wow! 20 years since I graduated. Anyhoo-all of these people are popping up on Facebook  from all over to say “hi” and “let’s all get together”. This is neat and exciting. And I am at a comfortable point in my life where I have grown and matured and would love to reconnect and see how everyone is doing. Very cool.

I have been super busy (as always). I worked on a large Dandelion pendant for my niece who turns 13 today. Soon we will be off to enjoy cake, ice cream and family (not necessarily in that order). I have been mostly in my studio the last few days enjoying the only room with air conditioning while I work. We manage fine in the other rooms of this old house but my studio has two windows facing sun all day and it gets HOT up here. I would not be able to work without the AC. I think we are having a heat wave all over the country. I know here in western PA it is easily in the 90’s every day. Ugh. I am not a hot weather person. I melt.

A new design I have been working on is for the woman I see at the post office every Monday. She gave me a challenge…she wanted to know if I could design a pink ribbon pendant for her. After a few starts and stops, I am very pleased with the finished work.

This special pendant will go to my friend and I will make more for my Etsy shop. I made a larger ribbon pin with a pink glass pearl that I hope to list tomorrow on Etsy.

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