Still trying to master social networking…

Sometimes I think I should not be allowed to have a computer. 🙂

I set up a Facebook page for Snappy Tatter some time ago. And when I created listings for my Etsy shop I liked to put a link (or so I thought) to that page for my customers to visit. Little did I know that the link led nowhere. I found out after a nice person on Etsy sent me a message to let me know that they could not find my page through the URL I was posting on most of my listings.  Whoops. After poking around I found out that I needed to have 25 fans to have my own URL to direct people to. Oh boy. So I sent a message to friends and family asking them to “like” my page so I could get these 25 fans. Within 24 hours I got to number 25. My peeps rock! So now you can go to and are directed straight to my page.

And among the never ending tasks I have to take care of to run my small business…I now have to go through all of my listings and correct the URL I was giving out. All 144 of them. Oh well.

You live, you learn…


P.S. I hope everyone has AC out there! It’s 98 in western PA!

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