New Etsy Shop listings…I am getting caught up…for now!

After looking over everything I have been working on lately…a lot of small stuff, black and glitzy seems to be a theme. All these items look like little luxuries to me. The small stuff…I work a lot with large or ornate designs…sometimes it is nice just to have a simple pendant or tiny dangle earrings.

I am actually catching up on listings I deactivated in my Etsy shop after my show at the beginning of summer.Most of these items were sold so I unlisted them.  When I recreate a piece I rarely design it exactly the same way. I use heavier or light weight cord, different beads, crystals, pearls etc. So all of these listings are different than the originals. Part of what makes my job continuously interesting to me is that I do not do the same thing over and over. I have a lot of flexibility in what I do because I am my own boss. I actually work for myself in more ways than one. Not only do I do all of my own designing, diagramming and creating, I also take care of bookkeeping, taxes, supplies, inventory, storage, packaging, social networking, advertisement and scout out galleries and shows. But the most rewarding way that I work for myself is that I design for myself. I create things I would wear or want to have. I do enjoy the aspect of custom work because I am able to get a different perspective on what appeals to other people. Okay…now I am just babbling. But I am happy….and I babble when I am happy.

You can visit my shop, Snappy Tatter to find the items above.

As for my August tatted bracelet giveaway…details below…there is lots of time to enter and I hope all of you do! I have been keeping up with my Facebook and love hearing all of your enthusiastic comments!!!



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